Sunday, May 20, 2012

Watertown, NY

I love this fabric on the chair in our hotel room! We are only about 3 hours from Montreal, tomorrow we will be in Canada. We had a fabulous Greek dinner at Apollo restaurant with baklava ice cream for dessert, big YUM!


  1. Just caught up on the recent entries. Congrats on making the last 8. Love the interview piece. All the food entries have made me very hungry. Hope you have had a good trip. See you in Montreal. Rhiannon

  2. when you get to montreal take a picture of these things to post and make us all jealous:
    steamie with fries
    chicken brochette with tzatziki
    chalet/chateau bbq chicken avec sauce
    peanut butter dumplings
    soft ice cream swirl cone from the alley in st.anne de belleview....