Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lush Color Background

I decided to sign up for another online painting class (remember, I am addicted to online classes) called "Daring Adventures in Paint" with Mati Rose McDonough. It's pretty fun, but I realized that after doing my last Jane Davies class, I pretty much know all the techniques to paint in that style, so I am not learning anything new so far but it's fun to be in a group and see what everybody else is doing. It's hard to work alone in your studio so these online classes are great for that, and it's always a very supportive community of artists of all levels from all over the world. For this exercise, we had to create a lush background, so I just threw paint around since it's just a background that is going to be painted over. But turns out I like this one just like that so I think I'll keep it as is!

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