Thursday, October 30, 2014

Turn Over a New Leaf!

"Turn Over a New Leaf" is the title of my entry for the annual Spoonflower Tea Towel calendar Contest. A new year means new beginnings and is always so full of potential. To 2015, the best year ever! Vote in the contest here!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Les Parapluies de Sophie

Another Spoonflower entry, this time for the Umbrellas themed contest. I titled it "Les Parapluies de Sophie" because when I was naming my little illustrations in photoshop, they started to feel like characters: Para coeur, para fleur, para fraise, para pompom, para pois, para ligne, para froufrou and para sol. "Les malheurs de Sophie" by la comtesse de S├ęgur was one of my favorite books when I was young and I think Sophie would have like these cheerful little parapluies. Almost makes you wish for a rainy day! See all entries and vote here. Thank you for your vote!