Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Color and Texture

Lesson 3 of my online composition class was all about color and texture. We had to create oversize swatches and play with different textures. I think they look so good together like colorful italian tiles. I particularly like the feel and look of the matte medium applied over paint and then painted over again. I have to remember to use that technique in my paintings, it gives it a lot of depth. Then we had to create a simple layout with 3 colors only. It was very interesting to start with a color with the intention of painting over it and just let it peak through. Gave me some good ideas to do some faux finishes too!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jane Davies Extreme Composition Class

I am taking an awesome online class with Jane Davies and I am way behind. I just finished lesson 2 and she is already at lesson 6 which is the last one of a 6 week class. I will see if I can catch up because she is an excellent teacher and gives amazing feedback so that would really be a shame to miss out on that. The class is called "Extreme Composition" and in this lesson we had to play with shapes and lines. That was pretty fun and it's good to be painting again. On to lesson 3!

Friday, February 7, 2014

I Believe in Circles!

I was in Santa Barbara last week to visit my husband's family and I remembered that I promised a painting to a friend of mine when her house burned down a year ago. She had all this beautiful art from her mom who was a wonderful artist and she lost everything in the fire, the things you can't replace with money. I have been meaning to do a painting for her but I wanted to know more about her color palette in her new rebuilt home. She told me she had a large 5x4 feet canvas at home and that I was welcome to just paint it while I was there. I went to the art store, got some paint and in 3 hours created this painting incorporating all the colors from her walls! She loves it! And it got me painting again, a win-win!