Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Cover Girl!

I was asked by Janine Vangool at Uppercase magazine to design the cover of issue 41 coming out in April. This issue includes the surface pattern design guide which is one of my favorite, so I was even more thrilled to do this particular cover. I did have a little anxiety about creating a piece of abstract art as a commission because I am usually very spontaneous when I do these little collages and I try not to engage my brain too much. Janine had a very good idea of the feel she wanted for that cover and I had to do a few before I got to this one. My brain decided to play graphic designer and got a little too involved at first and the collages were lacking playfulness and seemed a bit tight. I decided to work on a bunch of collages at the same time instead so I wouldn't get too attached or precious about them. I presented a few of my best options to Janine and she picked this one! And I love it! And now it's the cover of Uppercase Magazine!

This is what Janine said about the cover in her newsletter: "I liked the idea of creating a cover with found patterns (plus a few from past UPPERCASE covers). It's abstract with a nod to mid-Century shapes, and the dimensional shadows make you think that the elements are still at play. (Don't sneeze!)"

*Uppercase is designed and printed in Canada and distributed worldwide. You can get 15% off subcriptions and renewals with discount code lucie15