Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Altered Book

I started this altered book with my friend Arlene in May 2013 and I am just now getting back to it. Yikes! The name of the book is "The A to Z Adventure Journal". The concept is to use one full spread per letter of the alphabet, do 2 or 3 spreads and send it around. I did the first two (Airplane and Boat) and Arlene did the following two (Compass and Desert). I decided to do EAST for the letter "e". Not sure what "f" will be yet, maybe FOG or FERRY or FOUNTAIN or even FORTUNE TELLER! Let's see what happens, it's an adventure, right?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ornaments Gift Wrap Contest

I remember the silver tinsel Christmas tree we had when I was little. I would watch it glow at night and it would transport me to another world full of magic and fairy tales. I did believe firmly in Santa Clause and imagined the world he lived in to be all sparkly, all the time. To this day,  I love sparkly objects because they bring back that little girl in me and the magic feeling of that Christmas tree. I wish I could add a little glitter to this design for the Spoonflower Ornaments Gift Wrap contest, but if you squint a little, I bet you can see it sparkle! See all the entries for the contest and vote here!