Thursday, March 17, 2016

Spoon Challenge Contest: Watercolor!

The theme picked for the Spoon Challenge Contest is Watercolor! That works out pretty well for me because it's one of my favorite medium for fabric design. So I just sat down and painted a bunch of birds (although they kind of look more like chicks, which would make it an excellent Easter print!) But they are actually plump little birds, very well fed, but who can't keep a secret. They have been tweeting and gossiping away with their colorful chirps. You can see all the entries for the contest and vote here! Happy early Easter!

A little bird told me | Spoon Challenge Contest | March 2016

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spoon Challenge

Have you been following the Spoonflower Design-a-Day Spoon Challenge? It started on March 1st and it ends on March 15th. It's been really fun to follow tips from all of my favorite designers talking about their styles and process. Spoonflower asked me to do a post on Pen and Ink illustration and you can read all about it here. At the end of the challenge on March 15th, they will be choosing one of the 15 prompts as the theme for the next contest. You will have just 48 hours to tweak your design and enter it into the contest by March 16th. Voting will open to the public on Thursday, March 17th mid day. Have fun!