Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Here's another one of my little print makeovers. I named this one "Pluton" inspired by a cutout from an old french astronomy book that belonged to my dad. I use it a lot for collage because it was already ripped apart and stained, so no guilt and I learn something from it everyday! This little excerpt says: "Nous ne savons que fort peu de choses sur cette planète, dont la découverte remonte seulement à 1930. Elle apparaît, dans une lunette, comme une étoile de magnitude 15, de coloration jaunâtre." I think this book is from the 50's, so a little dated. Poor Pluto is not even a planet anymore...

Original print I used as a background for the Pluton painting. I liked it too but it doesn't exist anymore, just like Pluto is not a planet anymore!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Le temps des marguerites

This week's Spoonflower contest calls for a "Flowers for Mom border print". Inspired by my grandmother Lucile, this border print reminded me of her and the kind of bold and cheery prints she really liked. I could just imagine her in her bright and sunny kitchen wearing a flirty little apron she made with this very fabric. She was an amazing seamstress and would make clothes for my mom and everybody. She had the greatest laugh and her house smelled of fresh flowers and clean linens. I would just love going there as a little girl and watch her transform a piece of fabric into a gorgeous and fashionable item for one lucky family member. You can see all the border prints for this week's contest and vote here! Thank you for your support! Happy early Mother's Day!