Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Here's another one of my little print makeovers. I named this one "Pluton" inspired by a cutout from an old french astronomy book that belonged to my dad. I use it a lot for collage because it was already ripped apart and stained, so no guilt and I learn something from it everyday! This little excerpt says: "Nous ne savons que fort peu de choses sur cette planète, dont la découverte remonte seulement à 1930. Elle apparaît, dans une lunette, comme une étoile de magnitude 15, de coloration jaunâtre." I think this book is from the 50's, so a little dated. Poor Pluto is not even a planet anymore...

Original print I used as a background for the Pluton painting. I liked it too but it doesn't exist anymore, just like Pluto is not a planet anymore!

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