Sunday, August 18, 2013

Garage Sailings

In a town known for wooden boat building, we have our own version of sailing... that is Garage Sale-ing. Yesterday, the winds were favorable for sure. Port Townsend has really good garage sales and very good deals, this is what I scored yesterday:
• 3 framed vintage pattern covers: $1 each
• A rummy game: $2
• A pail full of wooden blocks: $2
• 5 fat quarters of fabric: $1 each
• A set of 20 vintage mini postcards from Wyoming: $1
• A Lily Poem crocheted cardigan: $1
• 7 mini bouquets and a roll of white tulle: $1
• 4 wooden balls: 25 cents
• 3 small paper mâché boxes: free!
For a grand total of $15.25
Good day for sailing! Dave still refuses to wear the little sailor outfit I made him, but I am sure he'll come around.

Lily Poem cardigan

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  1. Such cool stuff!!! I am so envious. I think Port Townsend must have the best garage sales anywhere. Félicitations!