Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's time to vote!

Multiflorum Collection | Fabric8 Design contest 

Multiflorum Collection | Printed fabric
It's finally time to vote in the final round! I feel like a politician asking everybody to vote for me! I got a little write up in the local newspaper, the Port Townsend Leader! That was pretty exciting! Lots of nice collections in this round, it's going to be a hard one to win, but I still really want to win...You can vote here until October 14th. Only one vote per device is allowed, but you can vote with your phone, iPad, computer, etc. If I win, I will be doing all sorts of giveaways on this blog to celebrate, so check in again after the 15th. Thank you again for your support.


  1. Looks AWESOME, Lucie! I'm voting for you, for sure.

  2. I just voted for you. I really liked how you combined different designs, stripes for one, almost solids for another and then the larger prints. I used to make dolls/teddy bears, and was always looking for co-ordinating fabrics. Well done!