Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Raccoon Party Tonight!

I started an acrylic painting class with local artist Max Grover.  This assignment was to do a night painting. We had to paint a kitchen at night with the refrigerator door cracked open as our light source, and something unusual happening in there. I must have been channeling my friend Megan who used to run a raccoon rescue business. I have to say, they are pretty mischievous creatures but they are fun to draw. And they like to party!


  1. This is great Luciebaby! And your raccoons look way better than the ones I just drew for Doug in DrawSomething...

  2. i thought maybe you were illustrating another book! Very cute!

  3. Those are some rowdy raccoons! I wonder if my kitchen looks the same when we are gone...we have a bevy of raccoons where we live. This painting is catchy and made me smile--great job Lucie!