Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I need to go offline!

My friend Lena told me: "You need to stop taking online classes". That is true that I am a little addicted. I do think it's important to experiment with new techniques and to keep expanding your visual vocabulary, but you get to a point where you just have to work on developing your own style. This painting is from my online class with Mati McDonough. She is a great artist and I really like her work but I think I just took too many online classes. She did featured one of my painting in the class and had these kind words to say about it: "Delicious...evocative...lush...buoyant. This piece by Lucie Duclos is lighthearted and joyous, but the funky greens and sporadic marks give it just enough of an edge. Gorgeous and spirited!" Thank you Mati! 

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  1. This entry made me smile of course. I do love this painting! XOX