Saturday, January 24, 2015

100 drawings on cheap paper

This is my favorite piece from this exercise. It was such a disaster at the beginning and I started painting over with abandon since I had nothing to lose. I titled this piece; "Boardwalk".

Well, on to another Jane Davies online class. This one is titled: "100 drawings on cheap paper". In this workshop we focus on quantity – making at least 10 pieces each week. And I quote: "The pieces don’t have to be “good”; they don’t even have to be finished. By focusing on particular elements each week, and creating quantity, you begin to let go of the constant judgment and evaluation that can get you stuck, and you get the practice you need to move through the ordinary frustrations of making art. Loosen up, be expansive and generous with yourself, and have fun!"

This was super fun! For our first layer, we have to cover the whole page (9x12) with paint in 20 seconds. I love to work fast because it makes me get out of my own way and that's when I end up discovering some new textures and techniques because I am not trying to do a finished piece. I did 12 of these starts and they look a little messy and sometimes muddy but it only makes it easier to paint over. 

Then we had to paint over and play with transparency and opacity and lines. Again I didn't spend a lot of time on these because we have to post our work before the new session is up and I am always last minute. But for once, procrastination is helpful because but it keeps me from overthinking too much and the graphic designer in me doesn't have time to engage and judge too much, which is a good thing when I you want to experiment. I will do more of these and probably rework some of them but I was happy with the one on the top left. Another rescue painting!

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