Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Neon Colors with Mindy Lacefield

On day 2 at Art and Soul, Portland, I took a class with Mindy Lacefield. I just love the way she uses neon colors in her artwork and have been wanting to take a workshop with her since I saw what came out of her classes at Artfest this year. She is a really fun teacher and makes you connect with your 7 year old self. What did you use to draw all the time when you were a kid? For me it was apple trees and flowers. We worked on recycled cardboard with acrylic, matte medium, collage, stamping, alcohol inks, pencil and oil pastels. We had to use at least one neon color that she provided. The name of the class was: Twirl Girls journal. We filled our handmade journals with patterned papers, watercolor papers, old maps and tied them with ribbons and fibers. Total fun! And the first time I used neon colors. I just bought a few tube just today, I am hooked now!

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