Thursday, October 25, 2012

Petite robe verte

I like to rescue old books to use in art and collages, but lately, my collection is getting quite large due to a certain used bookstore in town setting out a box of unwanted books for adoption on the sidewalk. Since I can't resist taking some of the books when I walk by, I now have to come up with more ideas to use them. This rescued "Henri de Montherlant" book made the perfect background for this little green dress (also made out of a rescued sweater). I glued a few folded pages together to make it thicker to create this greeting card. I also made an envelope with this Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper I got at little store on Granville Island in Vancouver.
That book has 250 more pages, so look for more card ideas in future post...


  1. adorable (say it with a french accent!)

  2. Hi Lucie,

    I found your blog through BYW course. It is just lovely and happy and bright. Your rescued book and sweater artwork is just great as are your other posts. Nice to meet you through BYW.

  3. Very nice blog. I love your work.

    BYW friend