Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lucie par ici Moodboard

I have been writing this blog for almost a year now. I started on December 6th, 2011 when our PODS arrived at our house in California. We sold the house, got rid of half our stuff and packed the rest in the PODS that we shipped to Washington state. Our goal was to settle down in Port Townsend, Wa, but there was going to be a lot of traveling in between (Canada, France and about 30 different states in the US). Since our friends and family couldn't keep track of where we were, I started this blog so they could follow our adventures. Now that we have settle down a bit in our new home in Port Townsend, I was wondering if I would keep this blog and if so, what direction would it take. I decided to enroll in the online "Blogging Your Way Boot Camp" class that my friend Aimée told me about a while ago. The course is taught by Holly Becker from the decor8. This moodboard is an exercise for the class. It describes the direction I am taking and what I want to talk about, which is art, crafts, travel, fabric and surface pattern design. Nothing different really, but it's nice to have a focus and a little structure. That's why I love to take online classes, and I always learn so much. And it's fun to share your stuff with people around the world! Cheers!


  1. I'm a big fan of Holly's - i follow her blogs. Good luck with the on-line class - may you have the success that she has found!!
    Oh - and love the cute bird paperweight. I bet one of you beautiful and talented friends gave you that....

  2. @diane: Holly liked it too, she pinned it to her pinterest page and commented on my flickr page: " Great-love the colors too!" So you see, your little bird is getting a lot of mileage, he's flying all over the net. I am so lucky to have creative, artsy and talented friends, they are my inspiration...