Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 2 at Silverskär

Silverskär is the name of the hotel where we are staying. The workshop takes place in the barn and it's an amazing space. We started the day with a demo from Lotta on potato prints and working on repeats exploring direction, color and spacing of different motifs. We started in our sketchbooks and then moved on to fabric. In the afternoon we worked on block printing and carved our own vinyl stamps. At 4 pm we took a "fika" break with coffee and freshly baked cakes and pastries from our chef Viktor then we went back to work until dinner (fresh salmon, one of the best I ever had!). In the meantime, Dave was busy riding a kayak around the island and practicing his ax throwing skills (I am not even kidding!)

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  1. wow Lucie - it looks like so much fun! we need to see pictures of the ax throwing, however.....