Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mariefred and Gripsholms Slott

We arrived in Mariefred by steam train and we left by steamship. Another historic little town on the shore of Lake Malären, home of Gripsholm Castle, one of the Royal Palaces. The castle was built in 1537 by Gustav Vasa (and what a cool name!). There is texture all over this castle, they did not leave an inch unpainted or uncovered with some type of material, from wallpaper to silk to wood inlay, a feast for the eyes, but sometimes a little overwhelming. They were not afraid to mix patterns, that's for sure. We left for Stockholm on the coal-fired steamship Mariefred, a 3.5 hour trip through the archipelago with dinner in the cozy little dining room. The steamship was built in 1903 for the Stockholm-Mariefred route and has been sailing this route every year since then!


  1. We also visited Mariefred. I remember more of the village itself then the castle. Different interest, but similar conclusion ... A nice place to visit when in Stockholm. I wished the boat would have been in operation at the time of our visit.

  2. They should rename it LucieDave in your honour!