Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lotta Jansdotter Workshop in Åland

Lotta's workshop-day one! So much to tell. We arrived on the ferry from Stockholm-a 6 hour ride through the archipelago- and Lotta and her 2 assistants (Nerissa and Makenna) were waiting for us and distributed those charming handmade ceramic name tags, then we got on the bus to take us to another boat that would take us to our private island. When we got to the boat house on the other side, they greeted us with crepes and schnapps, now that's civilized! When we got to our room, on the beds, was a little goodie bag with a handmade eye mask, postcards, chocolates and metallic tattoos. So sweet! We went swimming and then sauna, hot tub, a little walk around the island and it was time for our 3 course dinner by our fabulous chef Viktor. There is 27 of us here and everybody is super nice and friendly. This feels like summer camp! I LOVE it!

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