Thursday, July 30, 2015

Internationella Kreatörer

Our wonderful group on the last day of the workshop.

This is very exciting, I made the news in the Åland local paper. On the last day of the workshop, a reporter, Liisa Mendelin, was walking around and asking questions and talked to me for a while, and then next thing I know, I am in the newspaper. It's all in Swedish but I think the article says this about me: "I love Lotta's work and I love Scandinavia. When I saw the beautiful pictures in Afar magazine, I knew immediately that I wanted to go", says Lucie Duclos from Port Townsend, USA.

She wanted to get a new perspective on printing techniques. Right now she is working with stencils. She has cut a nature inspired pattern in a plastic film. Now she dab the color through the plastic on cotton fabric.

In daily life, Duclos is a graphic designer. She has her own company and designs packaging."

So from now on, call me the "Internationella Kreatör"! I'll try to not let it go to my head. I am still fairly unknown in the US…but not for long with this kind of international press, watch out! :)

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